4 Reasons To Choose a Co-working Space

We’ve all been there — you walk into your favorite coffee shop, and that one table next to the wall with the outlet is taken. Miserably, you have a seat next to a (very) loud table and work for about half an hour until your laptop dies. You haven’t even finished your coffee yet...

 Sound familiar? Hopefully, not to our members. This month, we wanted to encourage more people to choose a co-working space over other working space options. Whether we’re talking about a local coffee shop or an odd office in some basement in the city, a co-working space often translates to a more time- and cost-efficient solution for entrepreneurs. Here are our top four reasons why:

E0D4605A-B36F-4F3E-9D45-108DAF500237Flexibility & Conveniency.

Whether you are a freelancer or a budding startup, a co-working space can offer entrepreneurs a chance to work in a fully equipped office without worrying about the costs of setting up a more “traditional” working space. Co-working spaces remove the troubles associated with setting up an office — from the initial hassle of sourcing furniture, to taking care of ongoing tasks such as license renewal and ensuring clean kitchens and bathrooms. Moreover, many startups often feel like they have to sacrifice a prime location due to price. Because co-working spaces are made up of a bunch of offices in one location, they can afford to keep prices low and accessible to freelancers and businesses of all sizes.

DSC03016 copy Dependability

As far as working spaces go, local coffee shops are a hit or miss, sometimes crowded and oftentimes too loud. At niu, startups can take their pick from a multitude of options — from a shared co-working environment (all of which have access to a shared kitchen, meeting rooms, and outlets) to private offices and meeting rooms.



The ideal co-working space is located at the heart of the city so as to be easily accessible for both members and their clients. Being located in the city also means members are closer to everything else the city has to offer, including restaurants, event venues and community centers.




 Network & Community

One major complaint from freelancers and startup owners is how isolating starting a business can be. Unlike traditional office spaces in Kuwait City, a co-working space not only ensures you are sharing a space with like-minded members in the startup community, but these interactions also translate to more business for all parties involved (as members often exchange services). A co-working space can also be a great opportunity to share and brainstorm solutions with other startups who share your experience.




Written by niuTeam