Artista: A star growing within the untapped markets of Kuwait ارتيستا: نجم ينمو في أسواق الكويت غير التقليدية

During her senior year of business school, niu member Anwaar Al-Asousi knew she wanted to turn one of her hobbies and interests into a potential career path. After deciding to take a summer to explore her passions, Anwaar traveled to the UK. It was there that she started noticing and[...]

The story of Richard’s expansion تطور ريتشاردز من موقع مؤقت إلى محل مستقل دائم

Jarrah Albloushi, founder of Refit app and co-founder of Richard’s Coffee Bar, started both his businesses at niu. Richard’s story began in May 2015, when Jarrah had the idea of starting a speciality coffee bar in Kuwait. Along with his partners, Jarrah decided to pursue a better understanding[...]

Kids Engineering

How the idea came aboutMona Al-Sheikh describes herself as a strong advocate of educational structure. The owner of Kids Engineering in Kuwait finds herself in what seems to be a never-ending quest to quench her thirst for education. From high school to university to graduate school, Al-Sheikh[...]

Elevation Burger

An investment banker by trade, Ali Ashkanani originally worked in an investment bank from 2004 to 2010. His experience in this consistently competitive sector proved to be an asset when he decided to switch over to the food and beverage (f&b) industry, seeing as how investment banking means[...]

Solo Pizza Napolitana

It was his love for travelling and experiencing local cuisines that led Amr Alrefaie to Italy, where he found himself asking locals for their personal recommendations on where to find the best pizza. They all seemed to point him to the south of the country.

Upon taking the locals’ advice,[...]